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Sina sports news Beijing time in February 20th, the Boao Asian Forum golf club, CCTV5+, Chinese sports three parties jointly launched, China's first youth golf development forum: "Boao - youth golf development forum", the 19 afternoon in the world renowned Boao Asia Forum, this "new starting point, new" The forum of opportunity, new future and new motivation brings together leaders of industry leaders, senior sports practitioners, representatives of Chinese professional players, media representatives and guests of the local golf association, and all the guests are shared by the many players and parents of the future star game of China youth golf. And people who are concerned about the development of youth golf. In the forum, the elite inside and outside the golf industry, with the help of the theme of "the road of Chinese teenagers to become talented people," from the personal experience and industry experience, communicate carefully and carefully. The topic shared by guests has always been closely related to how to promote the development of Chinese youth golf. It has opened up the vision of participants and enlightened different thinking. 

Michael Dizzy (Michael Dickie), the director of Mike International Golf college and China national team's technical consultant, has been in charge of the National Women's team for 16 years. Students, including Li Haotong, Lin Xiyu and Shi Ting, are one of the best young coaches recognized by China. Michael Dick is the first guest to make a theme report. He uses the theme of "combining the physical and mental growth of young people to explore the practical training model" and answers the puzzles of Chinese parents in the teaching of young people. He shared many years of teaching experience and the different characteristics of home and abroad to share the players and parents: there are great differences between adolescent teaching and adult teaching. Besides physical factors, there are psychological factors that need to cultivate teenagers' interest, not to learn golf passively, but to produce one from inside to the inside. External demand. He also talked about some of the misunderstandings of Chinese parents, including too much attention to the perfection of the swing and the forgetting of practicality; he spent too much time in the exercise field, lack of practical experience, the position of parents, too much interference in the teaching of coaches, and so on. His viewpoint is novel and unique, which explains humor and humour, and also resonates with many parents.

Liu Fengming, President of Liaoning Golf Association, has brought the wisdom beyond golf. Liu Fengming once served as deputy director of Liaoning Sports Bureau and led Liaoning to win the Olympic Games. Through his personal experience in track and field, he explored how to build a perfect youth golf training mechanism. In his report, he pointed out that the training of golf should not be single, sometimes it needs reverse thinking, sometimes it should be retreated, and when training golf, it can also draw on the training ideas of other projects, such as physical training can take part in different items to exercise special physical fitness and participate in other sports. It can play a way to adjust players' playing state and interest.

Shaw was the first Chinese player to participate in youth events. He later studied abroad and became an excellent professional golfer after returning home. Now he is the coach of the Beijing Shichahai sports school and the leader of the Beijing team.  He vividly and directly shared the personal experience of Chinese youth golfer in his own keynote speech. He can not only understand the psychology of the parents, but also analyze the problems of physical ability and skill. The most important thing is that the professional player's identity allows him to give experience advice to the small players in actual combat.

The theme report highlights the essence of your guests' experience for many years, and the subsequent discussion is a mixture of opinions and gunpowder. In addition to Michael Dizzy and Shaw, there are also the official operating agencies of the Sino high association system, Lai Hebin, general manager of Beijing Information Technology Development Co., Ltd., and the host of the Forum: Liu Bing and the general manager of the golf club, the International Conference Center of the Boao forum for Asia. The discussion focused on how to balance the relationship between study and golf, and whether to go to university has become one of the focuses of controversy.

Michael Dickie clearly supports University's view that golf is not a necessity on the way to golf. "You see my three students, Li Haotong, Lin Xiyu, and Shi Yu have not read the University," he said. "And now, two of them are likely to take part in the Olympic Games on behalf of China."

But Xiao Se thinks that although China's College League system is not sound, American NCAA is an important bridge between amateur and professional. It will allow a student to see what he should choose, because it has gathered the best young golfers of the same age in the world. On the one hand, you can get you. To better exercise, on the other hand, it can also become a yardstick for measuring your true level.

The clash of views on the stage and the collision of views obviously attracted the parents of all the participants in the forum. A parent's question represents the voice of a lot of parents. He says the child's life is only once. It's very obvious that if you focus on golf training, it takes a lot of time and may affect learning. For parents, how can they know whether children have galf's talent and let parents do it? The sagittal is not to waste the child.

Lai Hebin mentioned the point of view of different people. At the same time, it is pointed out that golf and learning do not completely conflict, and the effective use of time can be twice the result of half the effort. "Before Feng Shanshan went to the United States to learn the ball and turn to a career, her academic performance was really good," Lai Hebin said. "And Pan Zhengcong, the Chinese Taipei player, also insisted on becoming a professional after he finished college in the United States and is now on the same platform with Li Haotong: the Weber network tour.

Michael - Dick's answer persists in his consistent position: "the key is to see what he wants to be, to be a touring player, or to engage in other industries," Michael Dick said. "I think it is more important to stick on golf than to be talented, many times unsuccessful, not talented. The problem is not enough to stick to it. Some parents change their clubs and change coaches when they have problems. I think it will be successful as long as I stick to it! "

Liu Bing, with the deep perspective of the senior profession and the intuitive experience of the father, put forward his own views - teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, encouragement and interest become the themes he wants to express. At the same time, he also has a firm stand, hoping that Chinese small players can take into account golf skills under the Chinese educational system and achieve different life goals at different ages, but the establishment of any goal needs health and happiness as a prerequisite.

The Boao youth golf development forum is the first Forum on the theme of "youth golf development" in China, and the forum is about the real and practical problems of the future stars of the Chinese Golf and the family behind them. As the brother channel of CCTV5, CCTV5+ makes great efforts to excavate the deep resources of the events and expand the extension of the single event. At the same time, it also brings a richer perspective and a wider platform for the whole sports. Zhongyi sports is the host of the star game of the future star of China youth golf. Although this series is only one year, its pioneering thinking has already attracted a lot of praise in the industry.

Golf is still a new sport in China. It is different from other sports in China for many years. Many aspects are still in the groping stage. As golf joins the Olympic Games, how to cultivate more and better golf talents has become a major issue. This topic is not only related to the industry, but also to the families involved. In order to answer this subject, the golf club, CCTV5+, and Chinese sports, the Boao forum for Asia, will provide opportunities for players and parents to learn more about information and exchange information, open their horizons with the world's mind and eyes, and build a young player who loves and throws a golf project from an early age. A higher and farther Chinese Golf dream.

As the content is good, the response is huge, the time of the forum is dragged again and again. When the forum has to be declared to end, whether the guests on the platform or the attendees under the platform are still in the air, they hope to add time again. Fortunately, this forum is only a beginning. The organizers promised that they will continue to be held in the future, making it a tradition of golf in China.